• Who are we? Currently, background, interests...
  • meta-goals for this workshop: hands-on exposure, with lots of rooms for questions. Please ask questions.
  • We have a Code of Conduct
  • Caveat: this is the first time for this workshop material all together!
  • All of this material will be open (CC0). Use it as you wish!
    • all material will stay up indefinitely (although it may bitrot!)
  • Pretty please, ask questions!
  • Notes on sticky notes.
  • Where are the bathrooms??
  • How many of you have Docker installed? How many of you have AWS accounts?
  • Show of hands –
    • worked with Jupyter Notebook before?
    • shell experience?
    • used ‘make’?
    • git & github experience?
    • Docker?

Next: Repeatability vs reproducibility - a discussion

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